The Side We See

The Side We See

There are moments in each of our lives when we capture a glimpse or pieces of God’s view of us.  He weaves the threads of our lives in beautiful precision, but most of the time we only see the messy tail ends of the threads He’s used. Tangled and frayed in confusing array of colors.  We know that somewhere in there, there must be something that connects and makes some sort of sense. In the mess we wonder if our lives make sense, the pain and sadness threads usually stand out amongst the ends of a thousand threads of memories, events and living.  Somehow we know that what we are seeing is surely not all there is.  As God weaves this tapestry, I recall my life, and I wonder what He must see from Heaven.  When I look up I see loose ends, knots and tangles crowding my vision.  I watch as the needle pierces through the fabric of my soul, often it is painful, and as the threads are pulled through the fabric they leave a lasting ache.  Then the needle pierces back through leaving very little evidence of what is being created, in all that pain.  There is always color, some vibrant and striking, some dark and dull. They are so intertwined, that I hardly know where one starts and another ends. Dark colors mix with beauty, and sometimes I can see something fascinating in the unusual color choices. Without knowing the picture it doesn’t make much sense. 
God is stitching some thing beautiful in all the many painful stitches and in each of His color choices. He continues to create the tapestry of my life.  He’s woven in His precious threads, He asks only for my trust that I trust Him enough to choose the color.  And weave the threads. 

I know my life tapestry is something more then the side I see.  I have seen pieces of Chris’s tapestry, the intricate stitches and the detail that God has used.  I am thankful for the threads we shared and the ones that God has tied together and woven tightly. I have seen the love in his stitches and the events that He wove so many beauties into.  Even in the ugly colors, He somehow wove His love and grace. We only see the back of the tapestry, in its wild disarray, God sees the side that is the true beauty.  So, let’s walk forward in the knowledge that the messy side we see is not the beautiful side He sees. 

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