“Missing” an allegory

By Wendy Simpson, March 2015
 It’s like your favorite book, the one you love to read over and over.  It is worn on the edges and the pages have dog ears and rips where the tape is yellowing from the years of love.  Last time you read it, you knew pages were loose, so when you picked it up today you handled it more carefully. Aw… the sweetness of the story, the adventures and the suspense.  As you turned page after page, the memories flooded in, you knew that you were coming to the best part.  And what you discovered instead…. “missing” pages.  Oh, the agony.  Disappointment brings a sense of loss to your heart.  This “missing” the pages that tell a happy ending and good defeats evil and the hero marries his bride…. all “missing.”
It’s the beauty of a waltz…. between two skilled dancers.  They know each other’s every move and keep step as one graceful picture of expression. They paint in beautiful steps across the ballroom the meaning of two being one. Then one day, one of them is “missing.” The other stands in a fog waiting for hours, shuffling feet and pacing to the beat of a lonely heart.  Their rhythm is “missing.”  The two, has become one in a different way… and the dance… goes “missing” as well. The one sits quietly, hearing the music and being still.  
There I something “missing” today. I am “missing” those pages I thought I knew so well.  Oh, that happy ending I thought would be written there again as I had always thought it should be.  Perhaps, it is not a happy ending as it appears just now.  Maybe the pages were removed to make way for a joyful ending instead.  The kind if ending that sees good in the darkness and pain of “missing.”  Perhaps our reader has found a new book, one not filled with unrealistic, happily ever afters.  But one that is complete and still holds true to the adventures of living and one where the Hero is not “missing” but present on every page.  The Hero takes His bride and they live together forever in a beautiful home He has made for her.  Evil defeated forever.  This book exists and is quite true.  All that I am “missing” with Chris being gone, those pages of our storybook that I’d always read a certain way.  Well… they are not “missing.”  Our storybook ending, was no surprise to the author and finisher of our faith and our lives.  We all become the bride of Christ when we make Him our savior.  He is making us a home in heaven and will take us there someday.  Chris has gone before me and the ending looks bleak, but the pages are just being rewritten.  Evil, death, didn’t prevail, the Hero did in Chris’s life. He has conquered death.
I am “missing” my dance partner my feet are lost in their steps.  And as I sit here on the sidelines, watching others dance.  I realize it was Jesus that made Chris and I one.  And because of that, I am not alone, because there were always three.  He walked beside our every dance step. My dance partner is not “missing” he is just waiting for me on the dance floor of Heaven.  Until then, Jesus is my partner.  I don’t feel much like dancing, but He promises to be there in the stillness, and when I am ready to dance again. I am not alone.  Even when it feels that way.  The music and memories of the dance linger still, in the misty corners our my earthly dance floor.  Jesus gives me those as He walks beside me each small step of the way.  He promises to “never leave me or forsake me.”  And He promises to teach me how to dance again, so that when I meet Chris again, I will not be out of practice.

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