His Powerful Presence (Guest Post for Anna Smit)

“Now when I look back on the path God led me down up to this point, I see a path mirroring Psalm 23.  First, He made me lay down in green pastures, by drawing me into deep rest, physical exhaustion from repressing powerful emotions… Then He led me beside quiet waters  to refresh my soul, building up my trusting Him through feeding me with His word of truth and then He, slowly, but surely, allowed me to step into the valley of the shadow of death…

Everything else suddenly became inconsequential, as I looked death and utter brokenness in the eye.  And it is in that moment, in which I had come to the very ends of myself…” -Love Embraced: a journey in and through suffering by Anna Smit

Anna_s meme 13

I have had the honor and privilege of sharing an amazing journey, of fellowship and friendship with Anna Smit.   And now, she is publishing a book “Love Embraced: a journey in and through suffering.”  Am so excited for her!  Please visit the link below to read more, as I have been given the honor of guest posting on her blog “Joy of the Spirit Within”…


3 thoughts on “His Powerful Presence (Guest Post for Anna Smit)

  1. I have read your story over at Anna’s blog and what a beautiful picture of God’s love. I have never personally lost someone close to me as you have but through your story I can see the journey He has taken you. Have you ever read Lisa Appelo’s blog True and Faithful? http://lisaappelo.com/
    She too has a beautiful testimony of what God has done in her life through the lost of her husband. Thanks for sharing.

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