The Empty Tomb… It’s Not What I Thought

Something seems a bit empty… and I realize, as a dear sister in Christ, shared a couple of times with me… Easter is an invitation to mourn, and may I add, rejoice in life.  A piece of my own heart is gone it’s in heaven now with my beloved one.  That is the “empty” I feel today.  But that void, in my heart… is like an empty tomb as well. It’s a place were death no longer resides… were the preparation for his home-going that I once wrapped my life and loved one in… has been laid aside.  All the wounds and pain he once had…. he is free of.  Like Jesus rising from the tomb, my husband is not trapped in his romb anymore and now….he knows the hope of glory.

I thought more on the empty tomb, Jesus left behind.  And I thought of my beloved husband and his short battle with cancer and home-going.  It occurred to me how the two painted a complete picture.

Jesus ravaged body, beaten for our freedom and hope of heaven and was carried to a tomb, where he was lovingly wrapped in grave clothes and laid to rest until His glorious appearing.

Then there is my beloved husband, body ravaged by cancer’s cruel shadow, his body being a living tomb.  He battled and fought for each step sometimes.  But our tombs are not empty.  The hope of glory is peacefully waiting His coming.  Where Jesus will roll away the stone holding us in this flawed and broken world with all its disease and pain.  When my husband passed away… he was raised from this tomb, this fragile body, to no longer hoping for glory, but experiencing it.

Jesus empty tomb, pours hope into the emptiness of my tomb.   It shines light in the frightening corners of this otherwise, dark life.  The tomb Jesus conquered makes our tombs less dominating and we endure them with His grace and hope.

Please know that this life we live is bound to Jesus empty tomb.  We cannot understand the price He paid so that our tombs could be conquered.   This life we live is not all there is to our existence.  It is so much more then I thought. We live for glory… the gift of freedom and eternal life.

My husband knows a resurrection day… His tomb door was opened the day he breathed his last earthly breath and walked into Jesus arms.   There is not anything like watching someone you love walk out of his tomb and into heaven’s arms.

Jesus great love took beatings and abuse for us, making possible the day we’d leave our tombs to join Him forever in heaven.  Jesus tomb was filled with emptiness so our emptiness could be filled the hope of glory.

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