The Nothing

Recently, I was conversing with a dear widow sister concerning a “shift” in my journey. Such a significant change, I could pinpoint the moment it happened. As a widow, I’ve become very sensitive to change. I tried to describe just what it was like to be in this shift. As I did, I saw a picture being painted on my heart and mind.

It was as if I was being lead away from the familiar place of aching sadness, intense pain and deep loneliness…. into a place of nothingness. “Nothingness” in the most positive sense of its meaning. A place where there was simply nothing. Nothing pulling me or haunting me, nothing pressing on my heart and soul, nothing demanding my guard to be up and my “I’m ok” face to be on, nothing whispering lies or deceiving me in my grief, nothing… just quiet and stillness.

It was like being in a restful, quiet room. Blank white walls, a closed white door, nothing could be seen from the windows but the sun shining through them in pure white beams. This place is not scary nor is it a place of busyness. It’s a place void of emotional decisions and the negative, self depreciating thoughts that have accompanied my loss. The white makes it seem like something new and fresh is filling the air and that there is a sense of wonder and mystery… but no need to explore it or come to a conclusion about it. This shift became a sense of contentment in the stillness… where guessing and planning and dreaming fade.

I was unnerved by the blank feeling at first. Wondering if I was going crazy. But realized it was something good and necessary. I was being moved and transformed so that I could best view something, something that for now was developing and didn’t need to be pursued. With all the distractions and demands and chaos of grief it had been very hard to see where I was going. I know God was allowing a shift in my journey… and I know I am not abandoned in this still place. Before you write this off consider this, we do not know the end from beginning…. we only really walk with light enough to see a few steps at a time. Running ahead of the light He provides, leads to heartache and darkness.

I am looking at a blank page…. waiting quietly for God’s direction His words that will flood that page. I am standing in a white room… eagerly anticipating His inspiration and the colors that will come of it and be splashed upon the walls of this place he has me in for now.

Following this obvious shift in my journey, I found myself looking at this white page…. possibilities flooded my mind… all this simplicity and newness spoke to my once very cluttered soul. I revelled in the stillness and wondered at it. Several tender events God gave me, lead to my wanting the very first splash of color and with it a glimpse of hope in this new place. Perhaps one day I would see something more through that window…. sunrise color flooding this stillness. And maybe one day I’d see the door open, revealing honest tenderness as it splashes white walls with joyous color. These blank pages where words run together like a powerful river… unstoppable, refreshing, and with the ability to lead thirsty hearts to the rivers source… to the Master of its riotous, melodic and artistic course. Words indelable… permanatly pressed into the purity of those empty pages. Pages waiting to be written upon by God, with me as His scribe.

The place where nothingness becomes newness is waiting for His thoughts not mine.

For he looks to the ends of the earth and sees everything under the heavens. Job 28:24

5 thoughts on “The Nothing

  1. Dear Wendy,
    I love this! I am so amazed how the Lord speaks in such beautiful ways, and meets us each in exactly the way that He created us. I could never “write this off,” as it makes such perfect sense to me that He is calling to your artistic heart in that blank canvas all around you. How precious. You are His masterpiece, still, and He is gifting you with visions from His heart. You bring such comfort to me from within that place also. May you continue to feel His presence in the midst of the empty room. Much Love, Hugs & Blessings to you dear friend!

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  2. Reading this now, so long after you wrote it, Wendy, but so timely. A while ago I listened to someone share about how before each new chapter in a book there is always white space and how God too gifts us that white space before a new chapter in our life. A kind of Sabbath reprieve.

    He truly knows what our hearts need most. I am so thankful that He brought you to a place of rest in 2019 to prepare you for the new to come. Your heart has walked through so much more since then – He knew you would need the gift of that blank canvas of rest. May you feel His arms holding you and all your loved ones so close this Sabbath morning. May songs of rest rise from within you anew. Love from afar.

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