Climbing Wall

“Imagine a Climbing wall. Now imagine all the handles and footholds have names written on them. Imagine you are climbing along, trusting that those grips and footholds are real and strong, and are going to hold your weight.

“Now imagine they just fall away. One by one there is less to hold onto. As you read the names on them you see…fear, grief, hopelessness, distrust, guilt and shame.

“You look at what you are holding onto–it says pride and your foot is resting precariously on unworthiness. You realize you have been climbing a wall of false accomplishment. Your footholds and grips have all been lies leading to destruction–each one strategically placed by the enemy.

“Then you look up…and see Jesus’ face. He has sent angel armies to pry away each lie. But you panic in the midst of that high climb. You don’t fancy falling.

But He says, “let go.”

“You tell yourself, Don’t panic. All you are holding onto is pride and unworthiness and both are loosening. Do you trust yourself? Do you trust the Savior?

“He speaks again…but this time you cannot see him. His voice is reaching you from far below… Some where…

He says, “Let go, I’ll catch you.”

“You look down and cannot see the bottom. Everything is shaky. Yet you slowly loosen your grip on pride and push away from unworthiness.

“”You are falling, falling, falling.

“As fear nearly consumes you, you are suddenly caught up on wings. Great wings, like eagles.

And He says, “I was always here.”

“This is surrender, this is complete surrender, to be completely out of control and wholly dependent upon His grace and love.”

(Copyright ©2018 by Wendy Simpson)

4 thoughts on “Climbing Wall

  1. Dear Wendy,
    Thank you for sharing this here! As I was reading it tonight, I realized that it seems so backward to us, to let go in the middle of where we have been climbing UP. Jesus is below us, to catch us and we must be willing to go DOWN. But there He lifts us up on His eagle wings! So beautiful!! Blessings, love and hugs to you.

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