A Shattered Heart Finds Hope 

As I take one plodding step at a time… one weary footstep in front of another… I am reminded of hope. No, I am not ok today, but… I am not without hope.  To know Jesus is to know eternal hope. To know our Father, it to have hope poured into our weary souls. And to know the Holy Spirit is to know the hope that lives inside us. No I am not without hope. 

This piece was created in the throes of loss… a battle with cancer and the grief of longing for one so beloved and missed.  My heart was shattered and a hole was left by the devastation of losing my husband to cancer.  Everywhere there are so many fighting some kind of loss.  Mine may be different but no matter the name behind that loss, we all know a shattered place in our hearts, an indescribable breaking of the heart and that’s in need of hope. 

In every kind of loss, there are broken pieces that fall to the ground and there are cracks that form across the heart. It was the hope I found in what lies beyond all this grief and pain, that inspired me to look for the sun shining through those cracks and shattered places.  Christ within us the hope of glory. I want the world see there is hope on the other side of a heart, shattered by the pain of life’s heartbreaking circumstances… the hope of a new day and beauty born of brokenness. 

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