The Stairs to Heaven

I saw a stairway to heaven in the clouds.  I said, “Lord, please take me home.”  Then the blue sky opened and began to rain, I wondered at heavens tears.  God said, “I keep my promises, just look behind you.” And there in the sky that had turned grey, was a bow of bright color, times three.  He said, “child, one for yesterday, one for today and one for tomorrow. Because I’ll never change.” I cried and relinquished my statement, and instead asked God to make me content. I asked for Him to make each day with purpose and each hard night a reminder of His promises.

This little story above, came to me as I was driving to pick up my daughter at school. I saw this beautiful cloud in the sky, it looked like a flight of stairs.  Oh, how my heart began to long for heaven. I just didn’t want to deal with the hurts of earth anymore. So much sadness all around, so much sadness in my home and so much sadness in my heart. I was missing my beloved so.  I thought about heaven deeply for several moments. I did ask God to just take me home. Life this week, I won’t lie, has been beyond human comprehension.  Excruciatingly painful, only explains the half of it. Grief is tremendously hard work. Then as I was lamenting and bemoaning this place, the blue sky around those cloud stairs opened up and rained.  Do you know the rain that is soft and gentle, like tears that slowly fall from the sky?  Oh, I wondered, as the sun shone through them and they sparkled, if I’d grieved the Lord somehow. That is literally how I felt.  My heart ached anew. And then I really did hear God say to look behind me. And when I did I had never seen a rainbow quite so wide and beautiful. Immediately I remembered He keeps his promises… all of them.  He promises to be my husband, that I’d never be alone, that he’d be my girls Father and that he’d provide my needs. He also promised to finish what He completed. I was in awe, and tears that matched the rain fell. I had to pull over and take a photo of that rainbow. I did so and as I pulled into traffic to the school the rain stopped and the rainbow was gone.

God asked me to look behind, I realized that also meant to look back on all the promises and blessings He’d given me already. There were 3 rainbows in one. I know He cared for me yesterday and that he loved me today with this beautiful story and that he will carry me through tomorrow.

Thank you God for showing me how big you really are. I am so blessed.

5 thoughts on “The Stairs to Heaven

  1. Wendy, this is so beautiful and is bringing fresh tears to my eyes. Your words reminded me of something similar that happened to me after my Mom died 7 years ago. I have been missing her so deeply this week, as God has been bringing a healing to my heart. I so needed to hear these words, and to hear God’s gentle reminder to me also. Thank you for sharing your heart. –Hugs and Blessings to you.

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  2. Wonderful, how God meets us with gentle reminders of his love, presence and promises, when we are discouraged. Rainbows surrounds his throne, so its his covenant. He never forgets you and sifts everything through his fingers of love. Abundant blessings to you!

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  3. I appreciate your transparency, it has been three years since Lauren died and I am in a place now that has me thinking or questioning why I am not well or over it. To hear someone else’s pain, I guess, helps me not think I am crazy.


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