Stories of His Faithfulness, Compassion and Love

Today, Anna and I are taking a break from our interview series, Breaking Light. I have just returned from my vacation and Anna is at a camping ground with family until the weekend. We would love to encourage you to go back and have a look at each one of the posts thus far. Each one carries a different facet of God’s faithfulness, love and compassion through life’s valleys and we pray that you will be encouraged in your own walk, whether on the mountain top or valley.

Below you can find a link to each post and a very short key-word summary of the deep valleys encountered. If you choose to read the actual posts though, you will find so much more and most importantly the powerful Presence of God in the midst of the most excruciating of life’s circumstances. We look forward to welcoming you back soon. Please note we will no longer be doing posts twice a week, but sporadically on a Friday.

1. God’s Treasure in Vessels of Clay (introduction)

2. Under the Shadow of His Wings (cancer, loss of husband, loss of mother, childhood memories, PTSD)

3. Jesus Wept (high-risk pregnancy, missing community, depression)

4. God Doesn’t Waste Pain (infertility, adoption, abuse, rejection)

5. Worthy to Receive His Love (multiple sclerosis of father, loss of mother)

6. Going Back Home (divorce, custody, past hurt)

7. Finding Life in Death (adoption, rebellion of child, loss of child)

8. The Reflection of an Unveiled Face (cancer, self-worth, dying)

9. Nothing Can Ever Separate Us (brother’s suicide, loss of father-in-law, social anxiety)

10. From Longing to Trust (fear, divorce of parents, loss of Grandma)

11. A Valley of Healing (physical illness, church hurt, extreme stress, depression of husband)

12. Brotherhood and a Shepherd’s Song of Delight (cancer, loss of best friend, pastoring others through illness and loss)

13. Pursuing Happiness and Community through the Pain (loss, chronic illness of daughter, car accident)

14. Our Uncontainable God (rejection, illness, criticism, financial worries)

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