Vessels: Reliving the Memories Light

Nearly 2 years ago I sat writing this… Chris was nearly done with  Chemotherapy.  We’d been holding our breath and wanting desperately to have God’s answer to be healing here on earth.

I found it a blessing to find this in the midst of our Breaking Light project.  So, I decided to share it in between our posts here….

“We are all vessels and every life experience, trial or triumph, is marked upon our hearts. Whether they be scars or windows to the heart, perhaps they are both. When you look at a scar it tells a story. You know by looking at it that that person experienced something that hurt, but you see that it healed to. It is much like a window into there life experiences. It can be an opportunity even, to share a bit of light in a dark situation. We are compared to clay vessels, fragile and easily broken, but having a light and treasure inside that can shine through those broken places. This is my prayer, that we shine somehow through even the darkest nights and hardest days.”

Treasure in a Clay Vessel

July 21, 2014

(2 Corinthians 4:6-7)

Light from the clay vessel

An illumination of my heart

Created by God’s candle

A masterful piece of art

Through cracks the light shines brighter

Where I once was broken

And when He put me back together

The scars could not be hidden

He lights my flame

Even when it flickers and dims

Never quenched, it bears His name

Somewhere deep inside even when life is grim

Beautifully those scars

Are woven around my soul

Others wonder how I see more than mars

Or how my vessel stands whole

His light holds it together

Nothing I will do or have done.

Its the love that burns steady from my Father

And the treasured flame, His Son

May the light never be contained

I am fully God’s, simple and imperfect

For His glory, always named

Where He’s healed and directed.

From this simple clay vessel

Shine your love from my heart

May I share His candle

With others, who are your Your work of art.

4 thoughts on “Vessels: Reliving the Memories Light

  1. My heart is beating fast and tears clog my throat. Whenever I read your blog something stirs in me and moves me. I feel vulnerable and am trusting I am where I should be. I am open to listening to what He is trying to show me. you are teaching me that I am His beloved.

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    1. Oh Marisa, that is God stirring you heart… I have seen you growing so close to Him these past several months. Keep leaning in. As flattering as it is to hear this beautiful message, I want to give all the credit to God and His great love and eternal goodness. He is the author and perfecter of our faith. He knows you better then you know yourself. It is an honor to be your friend. I hope you come back to visit again soon. Hugs


  2. Oh, God has brought such truth through your words. I am thankful that He is transforming your scars into places of healing through His precious Son. I so want to be in that place, and view these new scars of mine the way that HE sees them: not ugly or shameful, but a beautiful witness to God’s Grace poured out. Thank you for sharing your heart. –Blessings and Hugs to you

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    1. I haven’t arrived, but am daily arriving at conclusions that God is my rock and the light inside. He heals the heart and soul always, when we are willing to come before him and ask. He can heal the body too… it just looks different then the heart and soul healing. What a wonderful thing to share stories and encourage the body of believers. Look forward to getting to know you here.


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