The Oak and Pine… a Forest Revisited

The Oak and the Pine

— Apr 6, 2015 

He was and will always be one of the roots I am intertwined with.  We weathered many storms always together, pine trees.  Now as an oak, he would have me be wrapped around the Rock that is both his and mine.

He was and will always be one of the roots I am intertwined with. We weathered many storms always together, pine trees. Now as an oak I stand alone. Roots wrapped around the Rock.

I was thinking of trees in storms, and how much like them we can be. They grow deeper roots in their need to survive.  God allows us to do that too.  Our roots intertwine around and in, what means the most in storms… each other and the rock of our salvation. 

They say pine trees cannot stand through fierce wind, when they stand alone. Alone they are broken in two or uprooted altogether. They need to be part of a forest, where their roots grow together and help each other stand.  I think of marriages, the fellowship of the body of Christ and friendships that weather storms as supporting each other this way.  We wrap our life roots around one another and stand.  When one is being pounded by storms, the loving roots of God’s people embrace and hold them up. And both are stronger for it.

Then there is the oak tree. Storms drive its roots to dig in deep.  Those roots seek more then a superficial strength.  They painstakingly persist in sending roots deeper. The oak is usually found standing alone, but undergroud a network of deep roots have found rocks to wrap themselves around. Its strength is often unseen and not easlily destroyed.  When we go through storms, it is vital to survival that we seek a deeper relationship with our Saviour.  That we send roots around and into the love and vitality he provides as the Rock of our salvation.

As I have been walking this journey, I have had days where I felt like the pine, surrounded by the mighty forest of those loved ones around me.  I have known the comfort of weathering a storm, with the roots of dear ones intertwined in mine as torrents of rain and blasting wind thrash and pound agaist my branches.  Though my life has changed and I may appear different, I stand because of the great forrest of the family of God.  Likewise, I have had days of standing as an oak.  Alone, but not in my deepest heart of hearts.  Quiet moments of standing still, awaiting the storm.  Praying that I might have the rock of God’s love to wrap my roots around.  And as the storm tears at my resolve, I clutch the rock for life itself.  I am bent and bowed low, but not broken or destroyed.  Those personal oak tree storms, take the most faith to stand in.  

I am thankful for the lessons I have learned from rhe mighty oak and the tall pine.  God has sustains and made a way for me in all the storms of life.  I am standing because He provides my roots, both intertwined in the lives of my dear loved ones and wrapped deeply around the precious rock of my salvation, His great love.
From the archives of days gone by. 

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