I once knew the footsteps

Of my beloved one’s confidence

Steps taken in trust and strength

In God’s revealed presence.


Now I only know the silent footfall

Of my beloved’s echoed way

His footprints are but whispered memories

Pressed upon yesterday’s troubled fray.


Somewhere in the darkness

I see hope’s burning light

The one I lost just a few steps before

Being rewarded for his good fight.


I once knew  footsteps

That crushed the enemy

Underneath confidence

That we are ransomed and free.


The One who holds my beloved

Holds my mind and heart as well

Footprints pressed in the sand

Have led me far from the gates of Hell.


He is that light I once saw

And I stand before it now

Enveloped in its radiant warmth

In my pain I humbly bow.


All I once knew

Fades with the setting sun

With hope it rises in the morning

And promised joy has begun.


His footsteps no longer echo

Upon the floor in the hall

But You, O God, have come

I am not crushed by memories that fall.


With all that seeks to destroy

And wipe away every step and print

I lift my arms to You, O God

Please carry me to the place you sent


Holy are the footsteps from this place

Reckless is the love for which I have prayed

You understand my heartache

Pain for which you have sacrificially paid.


I once thought I understood

The gift of being a bride

But you have taught me in my loss

Behind this veil I cannot hide.


Being called an earthly help mate

Was only preparation

For the day I’d sit at his side

And have a taste of heaven.


Here I am, hearing echos

His footfalls were matched to Yours

You allowed his life and breath

Long enough to know they were not ours.


Joy comes in the morning

Mercies are new everyday

Perfect power comes from weaknesses

And You hear the words I do not pray.


2 thoughts on “Once

  1. Wendy, This is beautiful. God is teaching you much but always beside you to comfort you.
    You must surely know how proud Chris would be to see this and perhaps he has. But eternity with Him and again with Chris is in the future. Right now we are but a mist.
    Love you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh Linda, how kind of you share this today. I needed to hear this. He timing is perfect. I do look forward to my future. Thank you for your kindness and love all these many months. What a blessed treasure you are!


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