There are many uncertainties in this process… like walking in the darkness with a candle, you can only see as far as the light shines.  If you don’t walk forward then new things are not revealed.  But you have to lean on someone to take those steps forward. We take the hands of those God has provided, and we slowly take one step at a time. There is a lot of darkness out there right now.  We cannot see very far, the future is a mystery, but we trust that as we move forward…. we will look behind us and see all the candles that God provided in the people he has brought into our lives… shining brightly on where we have come from.  These lights of encouragement keep us going and we are thankful for every one.
Thank you for letting us lean, for reminding us that we can do this and that God loves us.

“Lean” by Tricia Brock

This is a small portion of where I was 18 months ago.  I wrote this after Chris had been through life altering surgery… we were facing cancer treatments and the tunnel we were entering was very dark and seemed void of hope.  God revealed the sources, and there were many, of His light.

I was chatting with a new friend 😊 today and this post came to mind.  The candles along the way, I can look back on and the ones I am still encountering along the way.  Each time I think it is just too dark and I cannot take another step, God lights a new candle or one He’s already lit comes alongside the path of my journey.  Standing there, quietly reflecting Jesus love until it lights my steps.

There is a beauty in the path I have already walked. The canvas is black as midnight, and a path runs like a detailed swath, through the canvas from top to bottom.  Further back along the path, you’ll see tiny dots of light.  Looking much like glowing stars, dancing and winding along the path of this journey.  As your eyes follow the path forward, the lights grow brighter and bigger, until you reach the last light in the very forefront of the canvas, there you see a candle flame.  The candle flame reflects the profile of a friendly face.  And there is realization… the star-like light… was the beautiful glow of candles held by friends and family God placed on this dark journey, steps both big and small.

A special thank you today, to those who faithfully lit the path and represented God’s love and light these many months.  May I be found as faithful.

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