Advent’s Peace

Sigh, peace… I wonder what that is sometimes.  Life here in this broken world, is certainly far from peaceful.  The pain of fallen man weighs heavy on our every step.  But, the weight is lifted, if we choose Jesus.  His grace and mercy and deep, deep love take the weight on our hearts and replace it with joy and…. peace, yes, peace.  What happens when failure stares into the eyes of grace?  Peace that passes understanding fills our minds and hearts.  What happens when our broken, scarred lives are embraced in steadfast love?  Peace envelopes our very souls.  And what happens when doubt can no longer compete with mercy?  Peace captivates our mind and we learn the value of His great sacrifice.

So, you see, peace exists in the midst of all that seeks to destroy who we are in Christ.  Peace takes the hand of goodness, and together they introduce us to joy.  We can have peace, in fhe midst of feeling achy and sad.  Peace exists in that pain and loss.  It is there when we have to say goodbye to our beloved and it is there to fill our hearts when nothing else will.

Friends, look at the hope of heaven.  In it, is reflected the face of peace.  Without hope, there is no peace.  Lean in, do not miss a single moment to breath in the peace as is begins to fill the room that we mourn in.

My prayer for you, who hurt, are weary, are in pain, are struggling to walk and who might wonder if it will ever get easier; is that peace fill the sad places.  I pray you know Jesus, the author of peace, the shepherd that leads beside peaceful waters. Sit at the feet of the savior who asks only that we come and give him all of us…. so he can give us… all of Him and all His peace.

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