This was written for “five minute friday” prompt is “seasons.”

God says there is a time for every season under heaven, in Ecclesiastes.  A time to mourn, dance, live, die and love.  It is hard sometimes to wrap our minds around that though.  Especially when we are stuck in a hard season.  A season of death or mourning, is definitely a dark valley walk. He asks us to come to Him though, come to the still waters and lay in the green pastures in our seasons of pain, heartache and sadness.  This season prepares us for the next season, one of healing, growth and transformation.  My season is grief… it is icy and grey as a foul, winter storm can be.  It is as sad as the last gold and scarlet colors of autumn falling to the ground to become dull and brown.  It is as transforming as the new wings of a butterfly, fresh from a cocoon or the blushing blossoms of spring.  And there are even moments of sunny, warmth wrapping themselves around my heart like summer’s bright hope.

4 thoughts on “Seasons

  1. Love this, Wendy. It’s amazing how we can hold such contrasting emotions, isn’t it? Where would we be without the joy and hope only God can give? Hugs.

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    1. Hello, how kind of you. Thank you for coming to visit. May God encourage ypur heart here and by all those wonderful people lifting you up in prayer and carrying you and your wife to the throne of God. I have been encouraged by your blog. It is inspiring to know the heart of a child of God. Keep in touch.


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