Ransomed Captives

It is morning, oh Father

I am wrapped in the dark

You painted the dawn

But my night stands stark.


The bird sings clear and true

In the tree ouside

But I am deaf today

And only want to hide.


Jesus is standing at my door

His arms are reaching in

I am locked away for now

A prisoner of my sin.


He whispers into my soul

His blood runs under the door

Scarred hands pressing upon it

His love piercing to my core.


In my grief and pain

The enemy has bound me

But he cannot keep me here

Because I was given the key.


Find your voice, oh soul

There is an ache inside your heart

Cry out for the Rescuer

Whose love is stronger then you are.


Breaking through hardened strongholds

My ransom has been paid

And my soul is set apart

For the plans He has laid.


No longer a captive

No longer am I in eternal night

Jesus sacrificial life blood

Brought  into the light.


Thank you for paying my ransom

Thank you for holding me near

From prisoner self inflicted

To your child so dear.


I am free today

Held in the Saviour’s love

Never to be a prisoner here

But to walk in heaven above.


A ransomed captive

An heir of the King

Daughter and princess

My broken heart I bring.


In its captivity

I found Your sincere grace

Forgiven, though undeserving

You wiped the tears from my face.







6 thoughts on “Ransomed Captives

  1. Beautiful, Wendy.

    “Breaking through hardened strongholds

    My ransom has been paid

    And my soul is set apart

    For the plans He has laid.”

    Amen! Watch this unfold as His Grace multiplies in the brokenness within you that He is redeeming and making whole in Him our Perfect Love! Praise be to our Lord and Saviour!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. hi wendy:) i’m your next door neighbor at FMF tonite:) i enjoyed your poem even tho’ it wasn’t about season. blessings during this delightful season:)

    Liked by 1 person

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