Advent’s Hope

Expectant anticipation… that is hope.  Dreaming of a desired outcome… this is hope.

This is the first week of advent…  a candle lit in remembrance of… hope.

I think of the desperation, despair and suffering of humanity for centuries.  It was promised, long ago, to the hearts of humanity, a Saviour, a King of all kings and healer of brokenness and tears.

 Psalm 34:18 ESV

The LORD is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit.

That promise was kept, in the tiny hands and heart of a wee babe.  Hope, was born that night in the cool, damp air of a stable.  Among the cattle and sheep, to the joy of His parents, Jesus entered the world, though honored by angels, shepherds and later Wisemen from afar, He immediately carried the weight of humanity’s need for redemption His shoulders.  

There are so many who mourn losses, who had to say goodbye too soon in our estimation.  There are diseases and silent killers lurking around the corners of our families and friends lives.  There are unspeakable cruelties and heinous crimes committed everyday.

Yet, my friends, there is hope and as the scripture says, “it does not disappoint.”  We wonder how, how could there be hope in such darkness?  In such loneliness?  In such utter depravity?  In such depth of pain?  It is because this world we live in today, is not our home.  

When we reach for the hand of the Son of God, the hand that was once a tiny, pink, infant’s hand. The hand that worked as a carpenter and whose palms bore callouses and had dirt under His nails. The hands that reached out and calmed the anger of the sea and embraced children. The hands that cupped faces of the lost helping them to know they were found.  Hands of gentle comfort toward the brokenhearted and a healing touch over death, blindness, sickness and disease.  And finally those beautiful, nail scared hands, that took the weight of all the world’s sin to the cross.  When we reach for these beautiful hands, the light of hope is lit in our hearts.  We no longer wallow in despair and dark corners, but shine like stars in a midnight sky for all the world to see.

Reach up, reach out and let Him reach in.  This Christmas hold out your hand to the hands of the Son of God.  Wrap you arms around the Saviour, who collects all your tears and let Him embrace you when you shake with sadness and loneliness.  Lay your weary head upon His shoulder and tell Him about your pain and loss.  Bow at His sacred feet, brake your alabaster box of treasured perfume (which is all of who wr are) and pour it out upon them.  Giving it all, every burden, every care, every bit of pain, hardship; and tears.  Let Him place His tender hands on your head, blessing you as He brings you before His Father’s throne.  Great is His faithfulness and goodness.  

Hope is now… the long awaited second coming of the King.  It is this anticipation of having those hands wrapped around me and hearing, “well done, my good and faithful servant.”

Yes, I long for heaven.  I hope for rhe day to draw close soon.  But I wait, in anticipation of the purpose and the joy He has given me, “for such a time as this.” Like Esther of old, I wonder why I am where I am at some times.

May hope draw close to you in the coming season of Christ’s birth.

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