A Scribe for My Saviour

I just want you to know… when I write my thoughts, contemplations and even groanings here it is not to say it have arrived at these destinations. Far from it, please know that what I write here is a reflection of where I desire my heart to be. My goodness, I could never claim perfection not in a hundred lifetimes. What comes from my keyboard or pen…. is what God pulls from a very imperfect, very broken, very simple human mind. What he gives me… is a goal to strive for, to rest in and to work out in faith (mine resembles a tiny mustard seed). If you truly knew me, you would know that I am a sinner, a doubter, somedays faithless and often weary; but I am also seeking, hoping, pressing on and knowing God is my only strength. So, please do not see me as more than a typist for the king, a scribe for my Saviour and a servant for my Heavenly Father. He gets the honor and the glory. If you complement me, it really belongs to God.

4 thoughts on “A Scribe for My Saviour

  1. But that’s just it, Wendy. That’s what I see in your words: a broken life BEING carried and slowly but surely BEING comforted and soothed, as you turn to our Saviour to direct you on your path to eternal healing and wholeness….not one of us is perfect and I find comfort precisely in your broken humanity because I see God taking residence in you (after all, He seeks the broken!)

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    1. Thank you, Anna. It is good to know that. As much as I would desperately desire my husband to be back with us, I also wouldn’t change one thing. For the growth and the lessons I have learned and the revealing of how much God loves us. For the grace and goodness I have learned to accept and the light the has been shed on this dark world. For the longing for heaven that I never had before. For the gift of writing and for new and blessed sisters to walk this journey with. And for the great privilege for fulfilling my marriage vows in Chris’s sickness and death. Oh that is a hard one but it was also beautiful to catch a glimpse of heaven in his countenance.
      There is a lot of brokenness in my home, but there is joy. Knowing we have so much more then the world says we need to have. I am satisfied. I have “seen the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.” I have experienced, “peace that goes beyond understanding.” And I have a living light inside, that shines when the darkness is all around me. Thank you again new friend.

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      1. God is good, even, or perhaps especially in all of this heartache and suffering you are walking. I love what Ann Voskamp says: “Joys are always traveling to us, even down the darkest roads.” I have that hanging on my wall above Mum’s photo.

        I am thankful that God has gifted me your friendship in your valley. You are such a blessing to me.

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