In the Arms of Jesus

He sits in the midst

Of the chaos and the strife

He sees every war zone

Of our lives.


He walks the halls of grief

One hand lifted high

The other on His heart

And sometimes I hear Him cry.


He stands with outstretched arms

Scars upon His hands

Whispering “peace be still.”

My storm obeys His commands.


The chaos of my life

Is spread out across my heart

Written on my walls

Like tragic works of art.


Yet, He stands beside me still

Reaching out with strength and love

Grasping my trembling hand

As His face is turned above.


This Man, this God

Has captivated my soul

I just need to be near Him

And my brokenness becomes whole.


Jesus walk beside me

Spirit be my guide

Father won’t you hold me

Under Your wing may I abide?


Be my rock as the ground shakes

Hold my broken pieces

Comfort all that is alone

In the arms of Jesus.

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