An Autumn Heart Waiting for Spring to Start

Leaves turn to gold

And blanket the ground

The air is cool

And birds don’t make a sound.


Soon there will not be

Much to cover her

Until the snows of winter

Frost her in white fur.


I am much like that tree

In my autumn days

I felt a chill and change

In the fog of winter’s haze.


The Spring of youth and romance

Bloomed like tiny flowers

Upon my memories

An ancient perfume to comfort in these hours.


Pressed between the pages

Of my heart and soul and mind

Spring was a part of us

And Summer we’d soon find.


Summer warmed out hearts

The Son so richly blessed

With warm and quenching rain

And our heads He gently caressed.


Yet here again is Autumn

And it has brought again

The gift of change

And the tears of heaven’s rain.


Soon it will be winter’s veil

Sweeping across my soul

Protecting the buds of Spring

From death’s icy cold.


As I process through these days of remembering loss, I am reminded to remember all the seasons.  In loss we can get stuck in the season of their passing, and forget the season of our living.

2 thoughts on “An Autumn Heart Waiting for Spring to Start

  1. Beautiful, beautiful words. So much power in the imagery. Hugs to you and prayers lifting you up to the only One who can truly comfort the mourning and bless them in the depths of their grief. Trusting in His Faithful Presence.

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