The Studio

I have been pondering the art I love again, writing, painting and seeing the colors god so generously fills our world with.  I have been told it is not just a hobby just now, but a necessity a part of the healing in my grieving heart.  It is often hard to see what I love to do as a gift or talent.  Though a part of me, I don’t always see it as a way God can heal and share His light.  
God gives us talents and gifts.  He desires that we use them for His glory… could His glory be for healing from grief?  Could these gifts be placed in our lives to bring healing, to not only others but to our own hearts?  Before our lives began, He placed gifts within our make up.  Gifts we would need as we grew and learned who He was.  Gifts we’d use in circumstances that this world and the enemy of this world would throw into our lives.  In time, He uses both circumstances and gifts to shine through us who He really is.  


The Studio

The best artist’s studios are the ones in which the artist was not concerned about how messy they have become.  A place where the focus was on the creating process and not on the drips and splatters of paint all over the floor and wall.  This place where something beautiful, and expression of the heart was all that was important.  This messy place, this disaster area to anyone looking in on it, would most likely seem like chaos. But if they could see past it to the canvas on the easel, the mess would likely fade. (No, this is not an excuse to get out of housework 🙂

I was looking at pictures of artist’s studios the other day. This one I submitted is of Francis Bacon studio.  (I don’t know if I like his work, but the picture was inspiring to my thoughts)  Today it struck me how much like those chaotic rooms, life can be and often is.  Messy, and in disarray.  Products of living and working and learning and somewhere in the middle of it all stands us.  Like an easel with the canvas and in front of it, an intent Artist. Evidence of the work in progress upon the canvas is imprinted deeply upon the large work-worn hands of His palms.  Scars now healed, showing just how much the sacrifice for the beauty of His creation meant to Him. He has worked hard and still works to complete His good work on that canvas.  I suppose we do not often see the beautiful blending of just the perfect color, in the strokes He makes in our hearts.  But, we feel it deeply.  Some are soft and gentle, small and seemingly insignificant, but many are fierce and painful, and life changing and very significant.  All important to the Artist, to His final masterpiece.  We may never see it that way, but He does, because He’s put His blood, sweat and tears into it, literally.

This messy life, this chaos, this deep ache and ravaging pain, is the studio, for now.  This world is not out home.  This studio is not where we will hang.  The Artist is creating and working to complete us for our heavenly home.  Wherever we are, here in this messy place called life’s studio, or in heaven someday, the value of our lives will not change. The value of the Artist’s work here is to shine out in beautiful ways, the expression of His deep love.  May He be glorified in our lives, by how He uses every brush stroke.  We are and will always be Priceless treasured and loved deeply, and our value is very much wrapped up in Him.  Not anything we have done.  We are the canvas, He paints His light, love and grace upon.  We are not the artist or the brush.

The enemy of beauty and light and love, often sneaks into this studio. Pointing out the flaws, criticizing the Artist, His choice of color or His strokes and often in most convincing ways.  We believe the lies that we His beloved masterpieces are of little worth, and are damaged, broken beyond repair and will never be fit to be gazed upon by the King of Heaven, let alone enter His gates.  And when we believe these lies, we fail to see the beauty and only see the lies.  I was told recently, failure, brokenness, weakness and hurt do not define a person. Those are circumstances not personality traits. They are brush strokes in the portrait not the portrait itself.

May the Artist be pleased with His work today, as we fight lies and look for the Artist’s smile

2 thoughts on “The Studio

  1. Oh how often do I believe the mess, the process, is the end product. Thank you for this encouragement to remember that the mess births His masterpiece.

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