Eph. 6:10-18

There is a hole in my armor
Just around my heart
It has taken many blows
Will one more break it apart?

My shield is taking a hard hit
Been knocked from my hand
But I’m reaching for it in my weakness
And still, I find strength to stand.

Battered is my helmet
Though still upon my head
It’s salvation is my protection
From harmful thoughts of dread.

My boots are tightly fitted
To my aching feet.
And though the journey is wearing my soul
I know in them I’ll find peace.

In my unsteady hand I hold
 A sword of priceless value
For in its power there is victory
Because its blade is true.

 Written May 22, 2014
Dedicated to Chris as he begins the battle.
I was reading old posts and memories flooded in.  This was written the day after we found out my husband had cancer.  It is still true today..  in the new victories and new battle’s fray.  As I miss and think of what could have been and… in the beauty even in what is ….and what will be.

4 thoughts on “Victory

  1. Such poignant words and so full of truth. Thank you for sharing them. Praying for comfort for you today and for joy to seep through the tears. Such a hard journey.

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    1. Thank you ever so much. I am blessed in the kind encouragement I have received. How special to have someone I have never met praying for and encouraging me on this journey. May God hold you close today.


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