Jesus in My Eyes

As a widow, I often worry about how well I am doing and if I am doing as much as I should.  What do people see when they look at my journey and my steps in it?  Who do they see?  Do they see a struggling person, defeated, lonely, depressed?  Or… do they see a struggling person whose eyes reflect Jesus?  These questions haunt my steps and sometimes they cause me to pause in mid-stride…. to wonder and evaluate where I stand and who makes that possible.

Though the “sting” of death will never touch me… death and loss have.  In the ache of loss and the hope of heaven, I realize just how much God has done to ease the pain and comfort my broken heart.

It is my desire that Jesus be seen in my journey.  When others look at this life-changing place I am in I pray they do not see the “sting” of death, but rather, my hope in Jesus, and the grace He has so abundantly made available.

May you see Jesus in my steps, in the words I speak, in my actions even in grief and in my eyes.  Whether there be tears or smiles or both.  Jesus defeated death, and when we know Him, we know the hope that is eternity.

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