Of Butterflies and Cocoons

I was reading this old post from caringbridge.  Butterflies have become a tremendous example of transformation and becoming something with wings.  God has taken me from the cocoon to someone with new wings.

 Aug 11, 2014

There is a picture in my head that illustrates our hearts.  

The silent, darkness of a cocoon.  A place of protection, a place to hide from enemies and a place … that is not permanent.  An ugly caterpillar finds solace in the protection of its walls and the darkness there transforms it over time.  Eventually this place becomes a stifling prison cell and this tiny creature no longer wants its protective darkness.  So begins the slow and painful fight to discover what is outside the familiar.  When it finally emerges it is so weary it becomes still for a time, discovering that it has emerged a new creature.  Transformed by the darkness that bound it inside protective walls.  It carries something, probably at first it is awkward and foreign, even a burden to its small back.  In time it learns to move and the wings become lighter, fluttering up and down.  And this creature realizes it is a gift not a burden. With every movement it grows in beauty and soon it is flying from branch to branch.  Above the place it once crawled.  

So it is when we enter a new journey.  Dark trials drive us to wrap our hearts in protective cocoons of doubt and fears so that we cannot feel the pain of it all.  Instead of getting away from the darkness we are driven deeper into it.  It is lonely there and we start to feel like we are suffocating.  God doesn’t let us get too comfortable in our hiding places.  Life inside our cocoon, will become painful, because we are not ment to live that way.  In this new realization that we are miserable, we begin to fight our way out.  Anything we build around ourselves takes time to tear down. But soon God’s light breaks through.  The dark trial drove us into hiding who we were and only increased the pain.  However, it was necessary for us to understand we would become someone transformed by pain and trial, someone more sensitive and tender.  God drew beauty from the shredded garments of our old selves.  A gift, God’s gift, wings His wings, to lift our hearts inspite of the darkness so that He could shine His transforming love into our lives.  He give us perspective we didn’t have before, so that we can see where he has brought us from and the wings He has given us to fly.

We don’t have to stay caterpillars, but in order to be butterflies we have to walk through the dark places and trust God to be there with us as we fight to come through them.

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