A Dance with the King

This was written when we began our battle with cancer

A Dance with the King

Though battle weary

Taking time for a moment

To take the King’s hand

And follow His lead

To a place where I can stand

Armor battered

Resting here in the moment’s present

On my King’s arm

Taken from the battle’s fray

To a place of quiet far away from harm

Laying down my sword and helmet

In front of the One from whom they were sent

Bowing at His feet

The King lifts me up

And our eyes finally meet

I am wrapped now in new robes

Wounds are bound, He knows I am spent

Held oh so close to His heart

It beats His strength into mine

And every fear falls apart

My shield is laid aside
He sees every blow and its dent
He speaks with Heaven’s breath
His words become the power
To once again defeat death

Boots worn to the soles
Once brought me peace, wonder where is went
Then He pulls me into His step
Asking me to match Him
In each footstep, until the peace wakens from the place it slept

And so it goes
When each battle makes me silent
Jesus, my King, asks for my hand
Gently wraps me in His grace
And dances me through the tears of life’s demands

He lifts this tired heart
In my songs lament
He’s there to dance in desert and midnight
Held close even when I hesitate at steps I don’t know
He whispers to my soul all His love and delight

Thankful for the King
For His divine commitment
To teach me all the steps I need
I dance with my King each day

Never alone as He encourages me to follow His lead.

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