Joy’s Perfect Storm

I don’t often think about anything, potentially harmful or hurtful, being perfect.  Truly, how it that even possible?  God, has heard my many groanings on the subject, believe me!  And blame was cast and hurt was felt.  Knowing God is loving and faithful, began to dim, as I believed He caused my pain on purpose.

In examining my heart further, I began to realize something…. the perfection is not the harmful or hurtful place in our lives, it is…. how He uses those events and circumstances in our lives to create… the perfect storm.  An environment that takes where I am, and what is happening, to mold and shape and perfect.  Essentially, He grows me and transforms me into a vessel that is beautiful in spite of the fact it is made from the ashes of pain. He doesn’t choose the tools, but knows what I am going through.  He can transform broken pain and excruciating hurts, into perfect power, using what I encounter in my life and this living in a fragile and broken world.

His word promises, “His power will be made perfect in my weakness.”  The storm that brews and flashes before and around me, is a perfect tool for Him to show His glory, and… He can use me, the one caught in this raging turbulence and frightening crashes.  The storm causes me to see joy.  No… not happiness, but joy.  And in those moments, the storm is seen as perfect.  No, its raging, whipping, painful lashing out are not perfect, but the fact that I stand and walk and talk in the midst of it all, and come out shining in His glory, that is His perfect power and a storm worth walking through.

5 thoughts on “Joy’s Perfect Storm

  1. I was just reading from Joyce Meyer how when we are transparent, when we have cracks and bubbles and imperfections in our “earthen vessels”, that’s when the glory of God dwelling inside of us shines through and shows others how good God truly is. XOXO

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