A New Kind of Missing You

A New Kind of Missing You

A new kind of missing you
A quiet kind of ache
A kinder love that grew
Amidst the storms wake.
A simple cord that bound
A holy union of three
A man, his greatest love found
And me
A distant echo pierces the journey
A whisper like a shout
A darkness and a symphony
And you walk forward with no doubt.
A great love with open arms
A Father’s tender embrace
A love still left here disarmed
Amidst the outpouring of grace.
A soft voice says, I miss you
A silent tears breaks free
A deep love is seeing you anew
Held by the Son who died for you and me.
I wrote this poem about one year after my beloved one was diagnosed with cancer.  It was originally posted on my caringbridge site.  Since he is with Jesus now, I have began the painful journey to accept his death and walk forward with Jesus by my side.  Each day… is still a battle for steps, to breath, and to shine.  May you be blessed.

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