151st Psalm

Two weeks before my beloved passed into Jesus arms, God was preparing me for what was ahead.  Though I didn’t know that then, I see His hand, even in my deepest pain.  God has shown me goodness.  

151st Psalm

Oh Father in Heaven above, I am asking why
Why do you seem to be so far away from me?
Standing in darkness, I must take the steps I am afraid to try
Where is the light you promised, so that I could see?

Where is the beauty of the sun
And why can’t I feel its warmth on my face?
All I want to do is run
But you stop me with Your grace.

You hold me with arms of Jesus love
And there is a mighty shield protecting my heart.
Angel warriors here on earth and above
Embracing me and protecting from the enemy’s dart.

Calm, though chaos is all around
With fear lurking in every shadow
To my heart you whisper in silent sound
And in your presence, I truly know.

Of all the days and all the hours we walk this sojourner’s way.
None can fathom none can know the hope that awaits our goal.
We once wandered and we once fell into the worlds fray.
Until Jesus walk in and saved our soul.

Remind me that the darkness will one day dawn
His glory will fill this weary mind
I surrender these broken fears, I’m drawn
And hope is the treasure, I find.

Hold me close, with your firm hand
Whether in rest or battles brave
Pour out your love and courage where I stand
Help me embrace the gift you gave.

When I rest my head tonight
Please help me to surrender this fear
And let you do the battle’s fight
Remembering you are very near.

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