Just enough

As a new widow, I have made discoveries as the days go by.  Some profound and some frightening.  But the best and greatest discovery I have made is this amazing gift… having just enough for each day, each hour and each moment.  I’d like to gather these amazing blessing and capture the abundance in a huge basket.  Savoring them and saving them for those days I think I may somehow have to go without, being deficient.  But, alas, like the manna of the ancient days of Biblical history, these hoarded blessings will spoil if I have more then I need for a day.  God will provide for the next day just what is needed.  Literally living one day at a time, walking in faith that I will be cared for in my loss and loneliness.  Not looking too far ahead, because when I do, today’s blessings fade and spoil.  I am looking forward to discovering and sharing this amazing provision, like manna, the bread of Heaven for our soul. May you be blessed.

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